The Importance of Great Shoes

29 Nov

The term shoe can be simply defined as a wearing that is mean to cover the feet off an individual. Shoes are intended to protect the wearer while doing various activities such as hunting, walking or even working in the farm. shoes also play the role of decoration and fashion depending on how the shoes are designed. The qualification for any given shoes to fall under the category of fashion and design is complexity and the shoe being very attractive. Shoes that are meant to play fashion roles are very appealing as they are designed to be very attractive. Well-designed shoes especially those meant for fashion are mainly considered the best shoes for standing out. The design of shoes vary from the manufacturers, designers and also from culture to culture. A given number of shoes occur t be designed in a special way so as to play specific roles. An example of such shoes include boot which are designed to be used during mountaineering.

The choice on what type of shoe to wear on a given day is influenced by a number of factors. Thee factors that influence the type of shoe to wear on a given day include weather ad occasion of the day. The weather is considered the main factor affecting what to shoes to wear in a given day. Weather is a variable which affects the type of shoe to wear as it affects the condition of the soil surface by leaving it dry or making it muddy at any given moment making it necessary to wear shoes that will handle the muddy surface. The second factor that influences the type of shoe to wear in a given day revolved around the occasion one is intending to attend. Occasion influence the decision on what type of shoe one should wear as shoes can be grouped as either official or casual. Shoes that are considered official are generally shoes that are acceptable in a working environment. Most of the shoes that are considered official have recorded to occur either in brown or black. On the other hand the casual shoes are shoes worn when one is carrying out a sporting activity or attending a party. Check this shoe website!

Shoes have revolved from simplicity to complexity. With modernization the only simple shoe in existence is the sandal. The sandal is considered simple as it is made up of a thin sole and a simple strap which are sold at very low costs. The complexity which has been recorded arises as a result of high fashion shoes which are designed by famous designers who charge expensive for their shoes. Shoes designed by famous designers appear to be expensive as they branded. Example of branded shoes are the Zumba shoes for women. Visit this website about shoes.

Traditionally the materials used to design shoes included leather, wood or canvas. Some of this materials are still being used in the modern age though they have been changes. Rubber and plastic are some of the inventions made in materials meant to design shoes. The human foot is vulnerable to environmental hazards such as sharp rocks and hot ground. Click here!

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